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When you partner with Matt McCall, you will receive a careful review and understanding of your marketing goals, objectives and budget. We will provide you a detailed plan to deliver the maximum outcome for your sponsorship dollars.

Packages range in price from $10,000 to $125,000 plus activation per race.

Team Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Driver/Team/Showcar Appearances
  • Driver, team and showcar appearances included; number dependent upon level of commitment

Incentive-driven Contests and Promotions

  • Tailored to your needs to maximize sales and business

Creative Marketing Initiatives

  • Special ads, labeling, packaging, etc. to draw brand awareness

“Pay for itself” approach to sponsorship

  • Buy the space on the cars with the option to sell-off sections to partners

Rights to Drivers, Teams and Cars

  • Sponsor has rights to use teams, cars and drivers in all marketing initiatives, including but not limited to, point-of-sale (POS), promotions, tv, radio and print.

VIP Access

  • Garage and pit passes included; number dependent upon level of commitment

Cross-promotional Opportunities with team Partners and Sponsors

  • Throughout the NASCAR community, we are one of the leaders in business-to-business programs. Our team has been able to create someof the most innovative cross-marketing opportunities in motorsports, by encouraging their sponsors to partner with each other. We pride ourselves on being the catalyst that has created multi-millions of dollars in peripheral business.

Hospitality Opportunities

  • We have experience in providing consumer and business-to-business hospitality programs for sponsors through special events firms with which it has relationships.
    Traditional hospitality programs can host 20-400 customers (cost varies $150-$400 per person, includes race ticket, breakfast/lunch, garage tour, goodie bag)

Logo Placements

  • Positions purchased will appear in the primary or associate positions on the car(s), as well as driver suit and crew uniforms.
  • This also includes logo placement on team equipment, all pit equipment and the transporter.
  • Positions on the car may be used for rotating brands as necessary, or may be “sold off” to vendors or partners to absorb the cost.

Hero Cards

  • Logo placement will appear on these cards with driver/car images. Cards will be passed out at show car appearances, autograph sessions and at the race track.

In-Car Camera and Network Exposure opportunities

  • Buy and use, or sell off to your partners
    Team Sponsorship Opportunities