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Martial Arts Training

Matt McCall, ranked a Third Degree Black Belt, is a devoted participant with his family-owned and operated business, the American Freestyle Karate Black Belt (AFKBB) Club. The AFKBB Club hosts major American Karate Academies National Association (AKANA) events, as well as, teaches a wide-range of mixed martial arts to students of all ages. Located in Matt’s hometown of Denver, NC, he is able to participate and teach at many karate events.

Some interesting activities that take place at the AFKBB Club include: Black Belt meet & greets, Black Belt tests, karate’s deadliest technique demonstrations, personal karate challenges and AKANA Warriors challenges (glass walks, pass a needle through hand techniques, Tomoe reviews and fire walks).

Matt has a passion for martial arts and encourages others to participate in karate because it not only assists with overall fitness, but adds to strengthening trust and team-building skills. With a background in martial arts and continuous training, Matt is able to keep his health top-notch enabling him to keep focused on and off the race track.

Karate is a great way for people of all ages, especially children, to get exercise for the mind and body. Matt’s family-owned karate business is located at 4060B North Highway 16, directly behind the Iron Physique Fitness Center. 
For additional information about AKANA, please visit www.a-k-a-n-a.com or call (704) 483-9471.